About us

Three friends, nerds, digital natives.

We are a team of experienced freelance web developers, dedicated to creating high-quality applications with enthusiasm and passion.

A portrait of Mario Volke

Mario Volke

Mario Volke has been working as freelance web developer since 2006. He finished his studies with a degree in Master of Computer Science in 2012. His main interest is to combine modern web technologies with the best possible user experience.

Also a beer sommelier.

A portrait of Christian Ranz

Christian Ranz

Christian Ranz started his professional life in 2009 while he was still studying Computer Science. After finishing University he focused on web technologies and is mostly interested in designing and using modern web application stacks.

Also a specialty-coffee barista.

A portrait of Korbinian Fritsch

Korbinian Fritsch

Korbinian Fritsch started his professional software engineering career in 2011. After working in digital agency and startup businesses, he started freelancing and joined Codastic in 2018, focusing on pixel perfect user interfaces, fullstack web applications and extraordinary user experiences.

Also a new work advocate.

Our story.

Interconnected and complementary. A true collective.

Before 2013 we used to be freelancers working on our own.
Then we decided to work together to provide a better service and more reliability for our customers.
Now we can offer full stack web application development by combining our skills.

As a team working remote-first, it is important that we maintain a strong sense of interconnectedness and collaboration.
Despite being spread out in different locations in Munich and Ulm, we are able to effectively communicate and work together thanks to the use of various tools and technologies. We understand that each team member brings unique skills and experiences to the table, and we work to complement each other in order to achieve our shared goals.