About Us

We are a freelancer network based in Munich and Ulm, Germany offering full stack web application development.

Who we are

Mario Volke

Mario Volke

Mario Volke has been working as freelance web developer since 2006. He finished his studies with a degree in Master of Computer Science in 2012. His main interest is to combine modern web technologies with the best possible user experience.

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Christian Ranz

Christian Ranz

Christian Ranz started his professional life in 2009 while he was still studying Computer Science. After finishing University he focused on web technologies and is mostly interested in designing and using modern web application stacks.

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Korbinian Fritsch

Korbinian Fritsch

Korbinian Fritsch started his professional Software Engineering career in 2011. After working in digital agency and startup businesses, he started freelancing and joined Codastic in 2018, focusing on pixel perfect user interfaces, fullstack web applications and extraordinary user experiences.

Our Skills

We are specialized in developing full stack web applications with modern workflows and technologies. There are a wide range of available languages and frameworks to solve common problems. Therefore we always try to find those which fit the needs of our client best.

  • Frontend

    • CSS / Sass
    • Responsive Webdesign
    • React

    Frontend development is one of the most varying areas in web development. We focus on a selection of technologies empowering us to reach great maintainability and maximize efficiency. Methologies and technologies like BEM, React, Flux etc. lead to structured code and maximized component reusability. We offer assistance during the whole frontend design process to achieve responsive and mobile first web designs.

    • JavaScript (ES6)
    • Semantic HTML
    • CSS & Sass
    • React, Redux (Flux)
    • jQuery & Angular
    • Responsive Webdesign
    • Frontend unit testing
  • Backend

    • Node.js
    • Python Django
    • PostgreSQL

    For backend development we choose a mix of technologies which fit best to the given requirements like data/domain structure, performance, security or hosting complexity. Achieving a maintainable and testable layered software design enables us to handle even large and complex projects.

    • Node.js
    • Python: Django, Django Rest, Bottle
    • PHP: Silex, Symfony, Doctrine
    • CMS: Processwire
    • REST
    • PostgreSQL, MySQL
    • MongoDB, Rethink DB, Redis
    • Backend unit testing
  • Consulting

    • Software Architecture
    • Code Reviewing
    • Test Management

    We know how to setup an agile and efficient development and deployment workflow to enhance productivity and code quality. Automated tests as well as code reviews and release management help to achieve those goals.

    • Development Workflows
    • Requirements Engineering
    • Project Management (Kanban, Scrum)
    • Npm, Webpack & Gulp Workflow Automation
    • Virtualization (Docker)
    • Release management
    • Unit- & Integrationtests